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There are many elements to a funeral service and costs will vary depending on the type of service and the selections you make. We have detailed some of things that influence cost.

  • Whether the funeral involves cremation or burial.
  • If it is a burial whether the grave has been pre purchased.
  • Sometimes additional travel is required.
  • The choice of coffin in terms of materials used and the extent of workmanship.
  • The extent of professional mortuary care required or requested.
  • The style of floral tribute required.
  • The content and selection of newspapers required for death and funeral notices.
  • Offerings and charges made by Clergy, Celebrants, Musicians etc.
  • Catering requirements for a post funeral gathering.
  • The quality of Funeral Director’s facilities, including hearses, vehicles, mortuary, chapel and viewing facilities.
  • The provision of additional personnel to manage extraordinary needs, such as very large gatherings.
  • Services held on a weekend or public holiday.

We Are Here For You

The information in the PDF is intended to provide you with an approximate price guide to a range of service combinations that are frequently chosen. These service combination examples include cremation fees. If burial is preferred the cost will vary in accordance with the costs of your preferred cemetery. The very best way to make an informed decision about the combination of services that is right for you, and obtain an accurate cost proposal, is by meeting with a Funeral Consultant who will listen, explore your options and explain the detail without obligation.

We are proud to promote absolute transparency in all we do and you are welcome to inspect any part of our facility or seek further clarification on any service we provide.